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The turmeric peel dye research has been extended to protein textiles and mid weight cellulose textiles.

turmeric peel dye variaties


Learn Dyeluxe's 10 easy step guide on how to turn your household avocado kitchen waste into textile dyes.

avocado kitchen waste

diy dyeing


Pomegranate peels contain naturally tannins, making them good substitutes for other natural tannins.

pomegranate peel

as a mordant


An R&D partnership with bJuice about dye pigment extraction from their juice processing

juice processing

by-product dyes


There is more to avocado pits than dyeing textiles, it can also coat wood in pink.

Avocado Pit Dyed Wood

Nikolett Madai Kitchen waste workshop- s



Household kitchen waste of pomegranate peels, avocado pits and peels used as homemade DIY dyes.

kitchen waste dyeing


The dyes created from juice processing by-product of turmeric are showcased in a capsule collection. 

turmeric peel capsule collection

avocado montage.jpg

A colour comparison of avocado pit and peel dyes applied onto the same textiles.

avocado pit vs peel dyes


Pomegranate peel dye experiment with alum mordanted GOTS cotton textiles.

pomegranate peel dye

2 IMG_1956.JPG

The bJuice R&D partnership continued with their ​juice processing
by-product of turmeric turned into textile dyes.

turmeric peel dyes

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