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Atlas of sustainable Colour(s) Collaboration

Dyeluxe collaborated with Julia Kaleta, who is behind The Atlas of Sustainable Colour(s), which is a compendium of colours and artists who provide alternative textile dyeing methods to synthetic dyes. She maps these colours according to regions and has created a common language to understand their underlying sustainable strategies for potential collaborations. The collaboration's first public appearance was at the Munich Fabric Start's Sustainable Innovations within Keyhouse in September 2019. 

asc 05.jpg
asc 06.jpg
a cover with a title made with a hot-sta
asc 07.jpg
asc 02.jpg
asc 08.jpg
Asc 01.jpg
asc 09.jpg
asc 03.jpg

Photo Credits: malgorzata rej / Bananen Museum

Atlas of Sustainable Color(S): JuLia Kaleta

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