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Welcome to dyeluxe

Dyeluxe is a colour research project sampling pigments from food by-products.


The main research field focus is on pigment extraction to create natural textile dyes in a sustainable manner. Through its circularity model, Grave-to-Cradle the aim is to reduce the circularity gaps within the food and fashion industry simultaneously through collaboration. 

nikolett madai

Photo credit: STUDIOLINE Photography

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NIkolett Madai has a Sustainability in Fashion Masters degree from Berlin. The the idea of Dyeluxe was formed during her master's thesis Grave-to-Cradle as a start-up business idea. 

meet the design researcher


dyeluxe's philosophy

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circular strategy

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SUstainability core values

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by-product dyeing principle

Research blog

By-products of the food industry can come from the entire food supply chain. The research blog explores creating mainly textile dyes from sourcing different types of food by-products from various stages of the food chain. Have a glimpse into turmeric, avocado, pomegranate by-product dyes and many more to come!

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Photo credit: Green Product Award/Reinaldo Coddou H.

Dyeluxe was selected from a field of 766 social innovations as one the 30 Semi-finalist of the European Social Innovation Competition 2020 Reimagine Fashion, a challenge prize run by the European Commission. 


Dyeluxe's Grave-to-Cradle won the Green Concept Award's 'Fashion Changer' title in 2019.

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